Parishioners Getting Used to Safety Measures at Assumption Church


The priest at Assumption Church in Windsor says parishioners have been following safety measures that have been put in place because of COVID-19.

Father Maurice Restivo says parishioners planning to attend mass, must make a reservation to attend.

He says about 60 parishioners are allowed inside the church for the service.

"It's very hard to tell exactly how many because seven people can sit in a pew in they're all one family but if they're individuals, we can only fit two," says Restivo.  "So it depends on how many groups we have, how many couples, how many larger families."  

Father Restivo says he's used to seeing a full church.

"It's weird though because instead of seeing a full church like we were seeing, it's pretty sparse," says Restivo.  

Restivo says parishioners understand there are safety measures in place.

"Most people are very understanding, every now and again you have one person who says I don't want to wear a mask for example," says Restivo.  The diocese strongly recommends and we ask people to, we can't mandate that and it's for protection of the people."       

Father Restivo says the Diocese of London strongly suggests those attending mass wear a face covering.

He adds masses are still being live streamed for those who choose not to come to the church for mass.