Parking Lot Bingo Popular in Windsor


Parking lot bingo has taken off in Windsor.

It's being offered at All Star Gaming Centre on Walker Road at Ottawa Street.

Tony Rosa is President and CEO of Community Gaming and Entertainment.

He says four sessions have been held since July 4 and the response has been overwhelming.

"I mean we've had a great response from our customers and it's certainly been uplifting for our staff and it's been a lot of fun," says Rosa.    

He says some sessions have sold-out with about 300 vehicles fitting in the parking lot.

"We can park people every other spot," says Rosa.  "So we got zones in the parking lot, where we actually park people.  You get a $60 pack and it includes everything, it includes the bingo paper, a board, it includes the dabber, the program and it's high paying prizes that we have.  How we transmit the gaming is through FM radio.  So just like a drive-in, you turn on your radio station, we have a receiver outside, it's linked to the caller inside and you'll be able to hear him calling numbers.  When you got a bingo, you honk your horn, flash your lights, whatever you need to do and we'll come a running.         

Rosa says local charities are also benefit from the gaming sessions.

The inside of the bingo hall remains closed.  It's been closed since mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The next session is set for Friday night at 7pm followed by a 1pm session on Sunday.