Parking Upgrades at the Vollmer Centre in LaSalle


A gravel parking lot at the Vollmer Centre in LaSalle will finally be paved.

Town council has approved spending $225,000 to pave parking lot number three.

Mayor Marc Bondy says the lot is located between the pavilion and soccer fields, south of Mike Raymond Dr., across from the arena parking lot. 

He says paving the parking has been on the town's agenda for quite sometime.

"Now the money is there to pave that parking lot," says Bondy.  "It's late in the season but it's when it came about, they had other priorities prior to this parking lot being done."     

He says the town couldn't do much with the price tag.

"I always thought price of oil was high and we had high paving cost now the price of oil is down and we still have higher paving costs," says Bondy.  "So that's not my department, we only have two paving companies in town so we have to deal with them and what the price is, I guess it is."

The lot will have approximately 225 spots along with a barrier curb. The work will be handled Mill-Am Corporation.

Parking lots one, two and four are already paved.

Bondy says the town continues to improve the inside and outside of the facility.

"We've done some refurbishing inside the Vollmer for air conditioning, the pool and the outside on the north wall was re-done, so it's an asset we have to keep maintaining," says Bondy.  "It's like your home, if we don't pay now, we're going to pay more later so we're trying to stay up on all items.  Yes we're doing outside with the paving and they'll be some other things coming forward."