Peace Fountain deployment to be delayed


The annual installation of the Charlie Brooks Memorial Peace Fountain along Riverside Drive near Buckingham Road will take a few more weeks due to repairs.

The fountain is having some maintenance done, and parts from Europe have been delayed, so it will still be some time before the floating fountain is ready to be deployed for the summer season. 

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Mayor Drew Dilkens says it's disappointing but for something that's been around a long time, it's part of the deal.

"It was installed in 1978, it was estimated to have about a 20 year life span then and it got an upgrade in 1988," he continued. "And we've patching and fixing it every year as best as possible, but we're now at a point where the parts are just very difficult to find."

Dilkens says it's not just the parts for the fountain itself, but also the infrastructure, plumbing and mechanics that run the fountain.

"They did patching of the fountain itself over the winter, of course when the fountain is out of the water, but now some of the mechanics are waiting for parts to arrive from overseas and there's a parts shortage. Residents I know, some have already emailed in, have emailed in asking when the Peace Fountain is going in the water. Well it's probably going to be a few more weeks until we can get the parts from overseas."

Back in the fall, city officials began asking residents to weigh in on the design of the next Peace Fountain.

Dilkens says it's overdue, and they're working with a company to identify different options for council to consider.

"The cheap option, the medium option and the most expensive option. What do they look like, how long will they last and what do they cost to operate? Because there's no doubt we have to replace it, it's just a matter of what it's going to look like and how does it function. I think most of the responses that we've received so far are from people saying just make it look the same, it's so beautiful today," Dilkens said.

The Peace Fountain is the only floating fountain in the world and can propel water up to 70-feet in the air.


- with files from AM800's The Morning Drive