Peace Fountain to Stay Operational This Summer


The City of Windsor has a plan in place to keep the Charlie Brooks Memorial Peace Fountain operational next summer.

Council has opted to spend $178,000 on a consultant to figure out the best path forward which likely involves designing a new fountain.

In the meantime, only necessary repairs will be carried out over the winter amounting to about $80,000.

Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac says she's been inundated with calls from residents urging council to spend the money needed to keep the fountain going.

She says the 40-year-old fountain was only expected to have a 20-year lifespan.

"The floating fountain is lovely, but the reality is it picks up the sediment from the Detroit River, it picks up that wave action and it's continually getting bashed," says Gignac. "So I'm really looking forward to what the consultant will bring back for council to look at."

Despite some repairs, Gignac says the public may notice some reduced functionality until a permanent solution is found.

"It might not be the swanky piece that we're accustomed to, but it will still be something until a new fountain can be designed and launched which administration is saying is probably 2022 at the earliest," she says.

According to Gignac, council is being responsible with taxpayer money, she adds "I think the solution tonight is a good one. We'll have the consultant come in, present council with perhaps some options other than the floating fountain, update the technology to the 21st century and we'll go from there."

Council turned down the $1.5-million option to completely revamp the fountain as there wasn't any guarantee as to how long those repairs would hold up.

The Peace Fountain was installed as part of the city's 1978 Labour Day festivities.