Pelee Island Getting COVID-19 Vaccines


COVID-19 vaccines are coming to Pelee Island. 

A Mass Vaccination Clinic will take place on April 19 and 20 for permanent residents who are 18-years of age and older. 

Mayor Ray Durocher says the island is anticipating 200 shots will be administered.

He says officials with ORNGE are taking the lead on the rollout.

"ORNGE flew over yesterday and checked out the facilities to make sure that we were able to accommodate the clinic and vaccinations and it's going to be the 19th and 20th and the staff is going to be handling notification of island residents," he says.  

Durocher says it's been a combined effort to get island residents vaccinated.

"A lot of people have been involved and it takes a lot of people to get this done," says Durocher.

He says he's been pushing for the island to receive the vaccine for the last couple of months.

"We were on a mayors conference with Hillier I would say two months ago and that's one of the questions I posed to him because we were a fly in community at that time," says Durocher.  "There was still ice on the lake and we had to fly in and to include Pelee Island as a remote fly in community.       

Durocher says the Moderna vaccine will be administered.

Those who are eligible will be contacted by the township next week to schedule an appointment. 

- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi