Pfizer Shipment Received in Windsor-Essex


The Windsor Essex County Health Unit has received a shipment of the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine.

"We did receive our shipment of Pfizer this morning and we will continue moving both Moderna and Pfizer at our mass vaccination clinics," says WECHU CEO Theresa Marentette.

As AM800 News reported on Monday, due to delayed shipments of Pfizer, the health unit announced starting on Wednesday, individuals receiving their second dose at a mass vaccination clinic will still be offered an mRNA vaccine but it will most likely be Moderna.

Marentette says the shipment doesn't change the plan. "Second doses for anyone who received an mRNA vaccine whether it be Moderna or Pfizer will get either Moderna or Pfizer," she explains. "They'll get whatever is being stocked at the clinic and they won't know that in advance."

If you received AstraZeneca as your first shot and want an mRNA vaccine as your second dose, Marentette says it will be Moderna.

"Because in the coming weeks we will get more Moderna than Pfizer so we are preparing everyone that Moderna will be our primary vaccine and using both," she says.

The health unit will also continue continue to monitor its supply of Pfizer for people between the ages of 12 and 17 because Pfizer is the recommended vaccine for that age group.