Pickleball courts in Tecumseh get new name thanks to contribution


The Barry and Stephanie Zekelman Foundation is paying $100,000 for the naming rights for the new pickleball courts in Tecumseh.

Construction on the outdoor courts in Lacasse Park began in early September.Council approved a report Tuesday night that will see the courts named the “Zekelman Pickleball Complex” for a period of fifteen years.

Ward 1 councillor Andrew Dowie says it's always delightful news when community assets have local champions. 

"This is one where the Tecumseh Pickleball Association has really come through. They are going to be managing a big chunk of the new facility at Lacasse Park. They'll have it for 35 hours a week as a lease, and they're also going to manage the distribution of time so everyone has an opportunity to play."

The funds will go towards the cost of building the courts.

Dowie says with the construction industry the way that it is right now, the project came in a bit high initially.

"Tecumseh Pickleball did kick in additional funds and then the Town's levy kicked in the remainder, so really this naming rights contribution makes it pretty much a net zero project from the original budget so that really helps out quite a bit."

He believes the pickleball courts have a lot of enthusiasm behind them in the community, with people looking forward to seeing more courts in the Town's inventory so they can get out and play.

The Town of Tecumseh expects the courts to be open for use in the spring of 2022.