Platform4Windsor re-launched for provincial election


Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens has re-launched his "Platform 4 Windsor" for the upcoming provincial election.

The platform is designed to ensure that the issues important to the City of Windsor are front and centre for all local candidates from every party in the June 2 election. 

Dilkens says after launching it for the federal election, it made sense to do again since there are several key items that require partnership and cooperation.

" will be live sometime later today. We know the provincial writ drops tomorrow which means the province will officially be in election mode for an election on June 2. We've got five priorities that have gone through in some way to city council where there's some associated resolutions."

Dilkens is urging each candidate, regardless of political affiliation, to affirm their support for five key issues. 

"And those five issues in my mind, and I think the community would agree, health care funding let's get the hospital built. Housing affordability, we want to extend Lauzon Parkway to the 401 and get a connection there. Looking at Ojibway Praire and making sure the province embeds their ownership proportion that they have of land into the national urban park, and then again I'll double down on economic development and Windsor Works."

He says in particular they'll be looking for continued support to implement Windsor Works priorities.

"Make sure that they're able to help us fund some of the important initiatives that remain in the Windsor Works document as myself and city council move to make sure we do all we can to make this community successful," Dilkens said.

The Platform4Windsor website will be updated once the individual candidates confirm their commitment to these local priorities during the election campaign.


- with files from AM800's The Morning Drive