Police Board Not Reflective of Community Diversity


The Windsor Police Services Board does not reflect the diversity of the community right now.

With the terms ending for Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac and Dr. Gaston Franklyn, there is no longer either a female or a person of colour on the board.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens -- who is chair of the board -- says he is well aware of that and is hoping the situation can be resolved.

"Do I think it was better to have more diversity on the board with women on the board and with people of colour on the board? Yes I do," says Dilkens. "And it's not lost on me that at this point we're a board of five white males."

Dilkens says the fact all members are white males doesn't mean the board can't act properly.

"It doesn't mean the folks around the table are any less competent or any less qualified," adds Dilkens. "And certainly if we a woman or more women around the board and if we had people of colour I think it would provide a broader perspective of the community."

Dilkens tells AM800 News he's made the Attorney General aware of the concern he has over an all white male board.

"I've already done that and so the province is aware of my position with respect to making sure that we better represent the community we serve."

The term of Mike Ray has been extended to October 16, 2019 and Dilkens hopes the next provincial appointee will address the issue of diversity on the board.

Dilkens says he is aware of the situation, but the resolution is out of his hands.

He says it may be possible to increase the number of members on the board, but that hasn't been explored.