Police Board to Look at Expanding Data Collected on Calls for Service


Data collected on calls for service could be expanding for Windsor Police Service (WPS).

The Windsor Police Services Board agreed to put together a report on what it would take to get more stats on calls involving social issues such as people in crisis or experiencing homelessness Thursday.

Board member Rino Bortolin says there are detailed stats on crime calls, but they're lacking when it comes to calls police shouldn't necessarily be handling.

"Then we can start to pinpoint gaps in our community where we need maybe advocacy to the province for more addiction services, maybe it's advocacy for homeless shelter space," he added.” I don't want to use too many examples because we really need that data to tell us what and where those gaps are.”

He says gathering the information is the first step in funding programs to steer social service issues away from police.

"Whether we like it or not police end up becoming that catch all where everybody experiencing any type of issue ends up calling police 99 per cent of the time,” he added.

Currently calls for issues like a person experiencing a mental health crisis only document that a person was referred to another agency for help by WPS.

A report will come back outlining what resources would be needed to track additional data and how much they'll cost at the next meeting.