Police Investigate Vandalism at Amherstburg Mayor's Home 


Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says a vandal has "crossed the line" after what's believed to be a targeted incident outside his home.

DiCarlo says someone slashed the tires of the only two vehicles in his driveway at some point overnight Saturday.

"We have homes and we all believe that our homes are our safe space," he says. "Whether it was in the home or in the driveway, whatever it was, it doesn't matter. The fact is somebody came and vandalized it and that's going to take its toll on people that live in the home."

Politics can be adversarial, but DiCarlo says invading his family's personal space is not okay.

"Somebody felt they should take something to this level and it's unfortunate because, I don't know if they think about it or not, but this isn't just about the mayor; it effects family," he says.

DiCarlo says one of the vehicles belongs to his daughter, who has absolutely nothing to do with town politics.

"I'm not naive, they're going to experience things in life, but when stuff like this happens it really hits home," he added.

Police searched the area and tell DiCarlo the vehicles in his driveway were the only ones damaged Saturday.

Windsor Police Service confirmed the Amherstburg Detachment is investigating the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers anonymously.