Police lay over 150 charges during traffic safety blitz in Windsor


A busy weekend for Windsor police with officers focused on speeding, stunt driving and noisy vehicles as part of a traffic safety blitz across the city.

Officers in the Traffic Enforcement Unit laid over 150 the charges during "Operation Impact: Be a Hero. Aim for Zero", a public education and enforcement campaign, from Oct. 8 - 11.

As a result of complaints from the public through the WPS Road Watch and Traffic Complaints programs, extra focus was put on the Dougall Avenue and Cabana Road area, Lauzon Road and McHugh Street area, Huron Church Road - Community Safety Zone, and Wyandotte Street East from Strabane Avenue to Little River Road.

Constable Shane Miles with the Windsor Police Traffic Enforcement Branch says there appears to be an increase in speeding and stunt driving in Windsor over the past 18 months.

Miles says there seems to be a correlation between less traffic and excessive speed.

"There seems to be a subset of individuals who have these very loud, souped up cars that have taken to racing, but it's not subsiding," he continued. "The increase in traffic, there's obviously more on the roadway than there were when there were lockdowns, but this behaviour is not subsiding."

Miles says they've been receiving a large volume of noise complaints involving squealing tires, which is considered stunt driving.

"We know there's parking lots at the WFCU Centre, out on Walker Road near Silver City, some of the high schools that are being used for these groups to gather to do donuts, and burnouts, and drag racing. It's extremely dangerous but we've cracked down on them," he says.

Miles says the people who have modified their vehicles to have the extreme exhaust systems are often those exhibiting certain driving habits.

"It seems to be the same individuals that are correlating with this. It's not exclusive to them but quite often it's the vehicles we're hearing. This is not only a safety issue, it's a quality of life issue. These loud stereos and loud mufflers, driving through neighbourhoods in the middle of the night are disruptive. It's really unfair to the community and it's illegal," he says.

The charges laid during the campaign include five stunt driving charges which carries a 30 day licence suspensions for drivers, five driving while suspended charges, two impaired by drugs charges and  three  impaired by alcohol charges.

Police also laid 153 other charges including speeding, noise and red light charges. 11 vehicles were also seized.

In May 2020, Windsor City Council approved a new noise bylaw to crackdown on vehicles with a noisy muffler or even vehicles playing loud music.