Police Officers Taken to Hospital for Potential Exposure to Hazardous Substance


Multiple Windsor police officers have been taken to the hospital after potential exposure to what's believed to be a hazardous substance.

At 11:45 a.m., patrol officers were called to a parking lot in the 8500 block of Tecumseh Road East. During the course of that call, a substance was found inside a vehicle and the scene was contained.

Multiple units attended the call including Windsor Fire and Rescue, Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services (EMS)  and the Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU), which provides specialized response to incidents involving chemicals, also attended the scene.

According to police, several first responding officers were decontaminated on scene and multiple officers were transported to hospital for potential exposures to the substance. The conditions of officers are being assessed, however none are considered life-threatening.

A statement from Windsor police says they will not be commenting or providing any further information at this time about the original call for service, due to the nature of the call.

This remains an active investigation and officers are expected to remain on scene for an unknown period of time. There is no threat to the public, however we are requesting people to avoid the area.