VIDEO: Police say Ambassador Bridge Climb 'Crazy, Dangerous Stunt'


Windsor Police Service is calling a man's climb to the top of the Ambassador Bridge over the weekend a ”crazy and dangerous stunt that nobody wants to see repeated."

Windsor musician Luke Heney scaled up a suspension cable to the south tower of the international crossing to hang a banner promoting his band Saturday morning. In an interview with AM800, Heney said he "weighed the risks and reward" and decided to go through with the stunt.

He survived the climb, but Sgt. Steve Betteridge says Heney didn't account for what could have happened to others if he’d fallen 118-metres to the ground.

"Falling, not only to his death, just imagine if he landed on another car and injured or killed those occupants and imagine if it started a chain reaction with two or three vehicles, not to mention, transport trucks," he says.

If Heney became stuck, Betteridge says first responders would have risked their lives as well.

"We're hoping this person realizes the dangers that they'd put themselves and others in," says Betteridge. "We certainly hope we don't have anything else like this happen again."

If anyone's looking for their 15-minutes of fame, Betteridge says "there are successful ways to do that without putting your life or someone else's in danger."

Windsor police have charged the 31-year-old with Public Mischief.

He was released the same day on a promise to appear in court and to stay 500-ft from the bridge.