Police Survey to Ask Demographic and Safety Questions


A Windsor Police Service survey is now underway with a goal of better representing the population.

As you've heard on AM800 News, the survey started Tuesday and targets residents of Windsor and Amherstburg. 

Staff Sgt. Scott Chapman says Leger will be conducting the survey on behalf of Windsor police.

"Who have experience doing this with other police services in the past and we felt it was the best way to get the most accurate information without any conflict of agency having an outside agency conduct it," he says.

According to Staff Sgt. Chapman, participants can expect demographic questions among other things

"Just to kind of get a feel for whether one area of the population feels safer or less safe than others or if there is an area of the population that feels we could be doing a better job," he adds. "Then there's a number of questions regarding safety, how they feel safe, perceptions of police and areas they'd like to see us address in the future."

A random selection of people will get phone calls, according to Chapman, to their landline or cell phone.

"The company we've hired, they do it in a random sequence," he says "So we're trying to grab as many people randomly throughout the area as possible to get a good representation of the population we police."

Callers will not ask for a name or identity, and will not seek funds or any specific personal financial information and participation is voluntary.

The survey is part of the Windsor Police Service Strategic Business Plan and will take place over a two-week period.