Policing changes approved between OPP and Kingsville


Some policing changes between the Ontario Provincial Police and Kingsville have been approved. 

During Monday's meeting, Kingsville council approved to remove the Municipal Liaison Officer enhancement position, to renew their contract with the OPP until 2025, and to terminate the Cottam office lease. 

The Town contracts the Ontario Provincial Police for the provision of police services. 

The Town's current contract includes an 'enhancement' position for the Municipal Liaison Officer with duties that include public education and other community outreach initiatives. 

These duties however have been assigned to a variety of officers based on availability. 

Over the past year, the Police Service Board have discussed the merits of this position with the Detachment Commander and are recommending the elimination of it, which will save the Town approximately $153,000 per year.

In 2019, the Town entered a three-year contract with OPP, which it has extended twice for additional one year terms. The current contract is set to expire on December 31, 2023.

Kingsville has no immediate plans to contract police services to an alternative service provider and so they have voted in favour of entering into a two-year extension with the OPP. 

And lastly, the Police Service Board recommended to terminate the lease of the OPP office space in Cottam. Terminating this lease will save the Town approximately $10,000 per year between rent, cleaning and internet services. 

Administration is looking into a new office space location since there must be six months written notice of terminating the lease. 

Council approved all three recommendations within the report.