Political Newcomer Enters Ward 7 By-Election Race


A political newcomer is entering the Ward 7 by-election race in Windsor.

Thérèse Papineau has filed her nomination papers to become the sixth candidate.

She was born and raised in Tecumseh before going to school in Toronto in 1973.

Papineau then worked as a civil servant with the Toronto Police Service until 2011 before moving back to Windsor.

She says she might not have experience in politics, but she does have experience dealing with the community.

"I've been serving the community for 37-years in Toronto as a civil servant working with the Toronto Police Service as a retired civilian and I have knowledge and expertise concerning matters dealing with municipal affairs specifically budget, protocol and procedure," says Papineau.      

Papineau says she has already gone around the ward to talk to residents.

"I effectively know how to listen to the community, I've been doing that all my life and certainly to ascertain their needs and their wants and successfully coming to a good resolution," says Papineau.     

She says she lives in the ward and feels it should be a mandatory requirement.

"Serving the community in which I live, I work here, I play here, it's a lovely, vibrant area, alive with growth and an abundance in trails," says Papineau.  "It's rooted with tradition and just thriving with newcomers so certainly living in the area, being present with the community is definitely an asset."          

The Ward 7 by-election is set for April 27.

Those interested have until March 13 at 2pm to file their nomination papers.