Port Windsor Recognized for COVID-19 Safety Measures


Port Windsor has been recognized for going above and beyond to protect those using the port from COVID-19.

The port is the first in Canada to be named a Marine Trusted Partner by the Chamber of Marine Commerce.

Port Windsor President and CEO Steve Salmons says, with 800 employees handling more than 600 ships a year, having the proper safety precautions in place to stop the spread of the virus is a must.

He says ships can dock in Windsor with no worries about COVID-19.

"What it means for a ship coming in is that they can take a breath and know that Port Windsor has been certified by the Chamber of Marine Commerce," says Salmons.  "They have procedures in place, protocols in place, they've gone to extraordinary efforts to protect, not only their own workers, but the crew on this ship. So that makes them feel better about coming here."

Salmons says incoming ships have strict guidelines to follow.

"When these 600 ships come from other areas of Ontario, Canada, United States and from around the world, these crews, in fact, are putting measures and protections in place," he says.  "Not only are they, we're insisting on it. That's really an important message to the health and safety of our workers, but also to the broader community of Windsor-Essex." 

Windsor's port is the third largest in Ontario delivering more than 5-million tonnes of goods to Windsor-Essex and ports across the Great Lakes and into Europe.