Positions Available at Some Local Feeder Plants


The help wanted sign is up at some local feeder plants.

Unifor Local 444 Vice President Mike D'agnolo says Avancez Assembly, Dakkota Integrated Systems and Magna Integram Windsor Seating are all hiring.

He says all are offering temporary part time positions but Avancez and Dakkota have some full time jobs available.

"We've got a positive response so far but again until the companies give me a call, let me know how many resumes they received then we'll know for sure the numbers."

D'agnolo says it's somewhat unique, the plants are hiring at the same time.

"Since Chrysler built up their numbers, three years ago, four years ago, they've been hiring pretty steady," says D'agnolo.  "They're growing and our hope is to maintain the third shift and these people that get employed, have a job well into the future."   

D'agnolo says those interested should go directly to the plants to apply or visit their websites.

All three are feeder plants for the Windsor Assembly Plant.