Positive Discussion with PM Justin Trudeau


The MP for Windsor—Tecumseh says a discussion between the Prime Minister and local labour leaders was very positive.

As AM800 News reported on Thursday, Irek Kusmericzyk and Justin Trudeau met with Unifor Local 444 President Dave Cassidy and dozens of others as part of a virtual roundtable.

Kusmericzyk says he wanted the Prime Minister to hear from local workers and labour leaders.

"Whether it's the auto sector, whether its parts suppliers, Caesars Windsor, hospitably and commercial sector, skilled trades, so really just a broad cross section of workers and labour leaders as well" he says. "It was a fantastic conversation."

One thing on the agenda was a national auto strategy, which Kusmericzyk says the Primer Minister agreed with.

"The Prime Minister mentioned the major investments that the Federal Government has made in the auto sector, most recently the $295-million partnership with ford," says Kusmerczyk. "Right now we're at the table with FCA and I can tell you that the folks on the line emphasized how important it is for the Federal Government to be a partner on that as well."

The topic of single sports betting was raised and Kusmericzyk said the Primer Minister was receptive to the discussion.

"I feel optimistic that it's heading in the right direction," he says. "I believe our government understands how important single sports betting is so we're working towards a good resolution to that."

Windsor West MP Brian Masse has been advocating for single sports betting for over a decade. The private members bill had its second reading in Parliament on November 2 and will return to Parliament for a vote in late January or early February.

Thursday's virtual meeting lasted about an hour and a half and Kusmericzyk credits Dave Cassidy with pulling a good cross section of people together to represent the Windsor area and to speak with the Prime Minister.