Poster removed at Sandwich Secondary School after parent calls it disgusting


A poster inside a math classroom at Sandwich Secondary School in LaSalle has been removed after a parent called it disgusting.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Tanya Hughes says her daughter recently made her aware of the poster.

It said "Dressing inappropriately is like rolling around in manure; sure you'll get attention but mostly from pigs."

It went on to say, "remember no backs, no boobs, no butts, no bellies."

Hughes says the school had a dress code prior to COVID-19 but it has since been lifted.

She felt there was so much wrong with the poster and believed it sent a disgusting message.

Prior to the removal, Hughes says she talked to the vice-principal and was told, the school is aware of the poster but was okay with it.

"I don't think it's appropriate to be in a math classroom," says Hughes.  "They should be teaching math.  It's not like it's sex-ed or health class."

She says students are allowed to wear what they want but in this particular classroom were called out if they did not follow the poster.

Hughes says it impacted her daughter.

"She wore a jogging suit and a hoodie," says Hughes.  "She made sure it's zipped up all the way and it was like 85 out and they have to air conditioning but she was too afraid to have her tank top on because she didn't want to be centred out."

Hughes posted her concerns along with the poster on her Facebook page Tuesday afternoon.

The post has received more than 300 comments and about 100 shares.