Preparing Public High Schools 'Stressful': Local OSSTF President


The first week preparing for a return to class for public high school teachers has been "stressful" for teachers.

That's according to the Local District 9 President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation. 

Erin Roy tells AM800's The Afternoon News that staff spent last week in schools preparing for the realities of teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roy says there are still a lot of kinks to work out before students from throughout Windsor-Essex arrive later this week.

"They were there to get training but there were technical glitches and issues with overcasting the bandwidth on the Wi-Fi," she says. "That makes me a little nervous about students returning when those are issues that we experience with just staff in the building."

Roy says many teachers still don't know what curriculum they'll be teaching.

"Obviously that's concerning, they're teaching in such a new way, so not knowing what you're going to be doing when students do return is obviously causing anxiety for a lot of members," she added.

Roy says the majority of teachers still don't know what school they'll be at with more than 3,000 students choosing virtual learning.

"The board's in the process of taking the number of students and adjusting the number of teachers that will be teaching the virtual school," she says. "That means that the vast majority of our secondary schools need to be re-time-tabled, which is why there's a delay in people knowing."

Grade 9 students attending school in person will go through an orientation on Thursday and Friday.  


With files from Rob Hindi