Property owner proposing 'Anchor District' in Amherstburg

AM800-News-Anchor District-Amherstburg

A property owner in Amherstburg is proposing an idea to create a new business district in the town.

Lauri Brouyette was involved in the purchasing of two historic buildings on Murray Street a couple of years ago.

She told AM800's The Morning Drive that they are restoring the buildings but would like to see part of Murray Street closed off between Dalhousie Street and Ramsay Street to creating a shopping district to be known as the Anchor District.

"What we're looking to see if we can give voice to is a small section of street, from Ramsay to Dalhousie, that we would potentially close off to let people meander through the streets, around the businesses and into the businesses. To enjoy being right there and the openness of the area," she says.

Brouyette they are just starting this launch on social media to see what people think of the idea.

"It's one block. What it does is that it eliminates eight parking spaces on the street. Which we're more than happy to reposition into our parking lot that's behind one of our buildings," she says.

Brouyette  believes this area could be used to host street festivals.

"Giving us an opportunity to do those types of things 12 months of the year, not just for a couple of months of the year. It really does give us a chance to celebrate out history. The buildings themselves we built in the 1800s," she adds.