Proposed 2024 tax increase at 7.13% for Amherstburg residents


The mayor of Amherstburg says he's confident that council can do everything possible to save tax payers as much money as possible in 2024. 

Michael Prue says though it may seem high, the Town is roughly in the middle of all surrounding municipalities. 

Amherstburg council held a special meeting Monday evening where they tabled next year's capital and operating budget. 

The proposed tax increase to residents 7.13 per cent. This would mean residents would pay, if approved, approximately $100.14 per year to the average home valued at $250,000.

Prue says he's hoping council can keep the rate low. 

"I was expecting a jump, there was no doubt that things were going to cost more this year. So, we'll just have to knuckle down and see if we can get it any lower without doing damage to Amherstburg. I'm sure we're going to end up somewhere in the middle of the pack, but I'm hoping towards the bottom."

He says there were quite a few factors for the increase this year.  

"We have expenditures at which we cannot take from the reserves anymore, and other things, wage increases. Most wage increases are running in the three to four per cent range now. Building and construction, and we're going to be doing a fair amount of that, which is at 13 per cent. It's those kinds of things to keep the Town going and the economy moving."

He adds that they want the public to comment.

"There'll be public meetings, there'll be opportunities to go online, there'll be opportunities to go to the Libro Centre and talk to the council, give recommendations. The public's going to have a good say here."

The Town of Amherstburg had the lowest tax rate among the other local municipalities in 2023 at three per cent, down from the proposed 4.23 per cent. 

Residents can attend a public open house at the Libro Centre on December 12.

Residents can take part in a budget survey from now until December 18.

Budget deliberations are expected to begin on January 15.