Protesters Show Pigs Compassion Outside Tecumseh Abattoir 


A group of protesters were on hand to give some pigs love and compassion in their final moments of life at Weston Abattoir in Tecumseh.

A truckload full of pigs arrived Thursday morning and the protesters were seen petting the pigs through the truck.

The group "Windsor-Detroit-Save" says the pigs are forgotten victims and they wanted to show people the animal behind the meat product.

Organizer Josh Atkins says there were hundreds of pigs inside the truck, headed to the slaughterhouse.

"It's such a sad sight," he says. "We have to help share their story why they are here because they are forgotten victims, no one thinks about them, they think of this package of bacon and a piece of meat and they don't think of the individuals connected to that and we are here to show who is connected to that product."

Atkins says it is a sad sight to see the pigs before they die.

"Film them, give them some compassion and love them, tell them that it is almost over just give them a little bit of love in their last moments because these animals don't see any love, they don't get good treatment, they are treated as an object, they don't get any love, like a dog would, they get treated like a desk — something you don't care about."

Aside from the killing of the animals, Atkins believes there are also some health issues associated with eating meat.

"The top killer is heart disease so if we were meant to eat it, it is also killing us from cholesterol and so it was not meant for food," he says.

The group has an arrangement with the driver of the truck, who stops for the protesters for a few moments before continuing onto the property.

Atkins says they are regulars at Weston when the trucks arrive.