Province Announces Increased Funding for Second Career Program


Using Windsor as a backdrop, the provincial government has announced an increase in financial supports for individuals applying to the Second Career program.

Details of the program were shared on Tuesday by Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development and Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.

McNaughton says as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic,  the goal is to leave no worker behind.

"To those who have been hardest hit by this pandemic, my message is this, we're going to help you find a new and better career," he says. "As we recover we need to raise everyone up and not go back to where we were before COVID-19,"

As part of the program, McNaughton says workers will also benefit from a faster application process, adding there will be "Less paperwork and more financial support and through improvements we have a single focus, to give hardworking women and men the tools they need to start a good job and make a better living to support themselves and their families."

According to McNaughton, his government has heard loud and clear that workers are tired of slow processing times and endless requests for documents.

"We have made changes to reduce the numbers of forms workers need to fill out and prevent common errors," he explains. "Our new process gives workers an estimate of how much funding they ay receive much earlier in the process."

Second Career funding helps laid-off, unemployed workers pay for the tuition of training programs of 52 weeks duration or less, including eligible university and college courses, micro-credential programs and other vocational training programs.

The maximum funding support that a Second Career client can receive to help pay for their education and living expenses is $28,000.