Province's 'Ontario Made' Program Expanding Further


Back when the province started to reopen this summer, the provincial government launched the 'Ontario Made' program aimed at promoting goods made in Ontario by helping consumers easily identify, find and buy those products.

And according to Ontario's Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, the program is heading into phase two. 

Vic Fedeli says this includes a number of new aspects like increasing visibility in major retailers and the launch of a new website and digital newsletter.

Fedeli told AM800's The Afternoon News that the the program has been well received so far.

"We're so happy with it. I have to tell you, the Ontario Made logo is on many products to really help you understand that something that you can pick up in a store is made in Ontario. If you want to be part of the economic recovery you can be purchasing products that are Ontario made and support your family and friends," he says.

Fedeli says, with the website roll out, finding products made in Ontario is much easier.

"There's 5,200 Ontario made products now that have that logo. Now it's a directory. So you can search it. You can go on the website and you can find out what products are made in your own community, which retailers have products that are made in Ontario," he says.

Fedeli says residents are encouraged to use the new website when doing their holiday shopping.

"So whether it's baby wipes to BBQs or cosmetics to cars, whatever it is, every time they purchase something that's Ontario made you're supporting your family, your friends, your neighbours and you're helping the economic recovery come even faster," he adds.

Funding for the 'Ontario Made' program was made possible through the $50-million Ontario Together Fund launched in April.

CLICK HERE to find the Support Ontario Made website.