Provincial Budget to Balance Books for Windsor Regional Hospital


Windsor Regional Hospital could see a $3-million surplus after months of running a deficit due to COVID-19.

A record high $187-billion budget was announced by the province Thursday that includes $30-billion in COVID-19 related spending — $572-million of that funding will go directly to reimburse hospitals for pandemic expenses.

Windsor Regional's deficit now sits at $2.1-million, but President and CEO David Musyj says $5-million in out of pocket expenses will now be covered by the province.

"By this time next month at the board meeting, subject to how much more we spend on COVID-19, we should have a year to date operating surplus," he added.

Musjy says the field hospital at the St. Clair College SportsPlex has received up to $7-million in operation funding if needed.

He tells AM800 News the hospital has also been assured measures to expand hospital capacity will be paid for.

"We opened up 30 additional beds on our two campuses," he says. "What we did is we took over where there were offices before."

Musjy says the province has already paid for around $8-million worth of pandemic expenses up to July. Windsor Regional Hospital's deficit was as high as $4-million in October.