Provincial Towing Association Supports Regulations for the Industry


The province is getting set to overhaul its troubled towing industry.

Earlier this week, Premier Doug Ford announced the provincial government has put together a task force with regulations to push out shady operators.

Locally, the issue has not been as intense but the Vice President of the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario says there are still some problems here.

"It's been a long time coming," says Derek Didone.  "There's been a lot of bad press out there the last year and a half, two years in the towing industry and has brought some of our major problems to the forefront."

"We're super happy to be regulating the industry,” Didone adds. “Go forward with some provincial licencing and it would be nice to put mechanisms in place so that there could be repercussions for any of the bad actors out there that are taking advantage of the general public.”   

He says some operators are taking advantage of people and in some cases, vehicles are getting towed and the tow operator is not telling the vehicle owner where the vehicle is going.

"There's stories of cars being held hostage, outrageous invoices, thousands of dollars to tow a vehicle a couple blocks so things like that," says Didone.  "We're hoping that with some regulation that curb some of the crime, some of the corruption."

Didone says the troubles run from Ottawa down to the Greater Toronto Area and are making their way to Windsor.

According to Didone, there have been violent turf wars across the province that have seen at least four people killed and dozens of arrests.