Pupatello vows to revitalize area around Forster Secondary School

AM800-News-Sandra Pupatello-Sept. 7-2021

The federal Liberal candidate for Windsor West is pledging to revitalize an area around the former Forster Secondary School in Windsor, if she's elected.

The former high school at 749 Felix Ave. is owned by the Ambassador Bridge and is surrounded by a number of empty, boarded up and derelict homes.

Sandra Pupatello says these boarded up houses would not be abided by in any other part of the community and the west-end should not have to put up with this.

She says there's no way the area around Forster should be left to rot.

"If after this election I'm elected, it will be one of my first orders of business, it's important," she says. "These boarded up houses would not be abided by in any other part of the community, how does the west-end have to put up with this?"

Pupatello says there is funding available and wants to know why it hasn't landed in the west-end.

"There's no way that houses I'm looking at right now ought to be allowed in our community, to be left in that condition. Left for the animals, left for rowdy crowds in the evening to put residents at risk. It's totally inappropriate and I can't believe we'd abide by that," she says.

Pupatello is seeking the seat in the riding against Anthony Orlando from Conservatives, Matt Giancola from the People's Party of Canada and incumbent Brian Masse from the New Democrats.

The federal election is Sept. 20.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi