Rainbow Crosswalk Planned for Busy LaSalle Intersection


Changes are being proposed for a busy LaSalle intersection.

Council is being asked to approve a rainbow crosswalk at the intersection of Malden Road and Normandy Road to support the LGBTQ community at Tuesday night's virtual council meeting

Councillor Mark Carrick says administration will be presenting a report in response to a request from Deputy Mayor Crystal Meloche back in September.

"The crosswalk itself is supposed to be fundraised so it's not costing the taxpayers any money upfront so at the end of the day that's where we're at and council will have to make that decision if they want to move forward or they don't want to move forward but it looks like it's something we should probably be doing," says Carrick.  

He says there might be some in the community who are opposed to the idea but he thinks it's the right thing to do.

"You know what, everybody is entitled to their opinion and I think it's important for us to support what we need to support and everybody has a right to their opinion, I honestly agree and think this is a well supported initiative," says Carrick.    

The cost of the rainbow crosswalk is between $12,000 to $17,000.

Carrick says community donations are expected to pay for the project but council will have to look at future costs such as maintenance of the crosswalk.

If approved, the rainbow crosswalk could be completed by early 2021.