Rally Pushes for Chosen Location of New Acute Care Centre


A rally for 42 Forward drew in more than 100 people in South Windsor Thursday night.

The group recently launched a petition to support the location of a new acute care hospital on County Rd. 42 at 9th Concession.

Community members and medical professionals spoke at the rally at  the Signature Tribute Event Centre on Dougall Ave. One of those community members is Brenda Brunelle whose husband Don was in a serious crash out on Highway 3 back in 2017. 

She says Don spent 90 days in hospital — 30 of those days were spent in ICU — but that could have been avoided if everything he needed was under one roof.

"My husband had two medical conditions that were not treatable because he wasn't safe to transport to the other hospital, so he went 90-days without treatment for two of the major issues that he was battling," she says. 

She tells AM800 News the new acute care centre would have saved Don a lot of pain and suffering.

"This acute care hospital, with everything under one roof is imperative, I lived it and I know the experience. It's so important," she says. "We've selected the site, now let's just get the money and get it built; we deserve it."

Chair Person for 42 Forward Brian Stocks says a panel of medical experts back Brunelle's opinion and added a few more reasons the hospital is needed sooner than later. 

"Dr. Wassim Saad Chief of Staff at Windsor Regional Hospital talked about the unnecessary back and forth trips between Hotel Dieu and Met Hospitals for treatment that would be eliminated," he says. "Dr. Lisa Porter also had a wonderful talk about all of the cancer research she's doing and how doing it all under one roof is going to make it even more attractive for more researchers to come."

Citizens for an Accountable Mega Hospital Planning Process or CAMPP is currently in opposition of the location.

The group is about to go before an LPAT Tribunal on Oct. 8 to oppose the location because CAMPP believes it's too far from the city's Core.

42 Forwards petition currently has more than 3,700 signatures.