Record Setting Rains Possible for Windsor-Essex


It's going to be a warm night in Windsor-Essex, but it's going to come with a lot of rain.

That's according to Environment Canada's Peter Kimbell. He says close to 50-mm could fall Friday and into Saturday, but the warm temperatures should make things manageable.

"The good news is you won't be getting freezing rain, so no ice ... the bad news is you will be getting a lot of rain," he says.

Kimble says is could be a record setting day for rain in Windsor-Essex.

"Given that the normal rainfall for the month of January in the Windsor area would be around 32-mm, so we're getting more than a month's worth of rainfall in one day," he added.

He tells AM800 News it would be a good idea to make sure drains are clear as standing water will build up quickly.

"The ground is frozen, obviously, and there's going to be a lot of water falling in a fairly short period of time," he says. "That's going to cause some issues, a variety of issues."

Kimbell says thunderstorms are also possibly before the weather breaks Saturday afternoon, but it won't get cold enough to leave ice behind in the evening.

— with files from AM800's Kristylee Varley.