Red light cameras will soon be installed across Windsor


Red light cameras will soon be up and running across Windsor.

Ward 3 City Councillor Rino Bortolin says the cameras should be operational by the end of the calendar year at 10 intersections across the city, identified as the highest accident rate areas.

The red light cameras will be installed at:

- Wyandotte Street East at Goyeau Street
- University Avenue West at Crawford Avenue
- Erie Street East at Goyeau Street
- Howard Avenue at E.C. Row Expressway eastbound off ramp
- Huron Church Road at Tecumseh Road West
- Eugenie Street East at McDougall Street
- McHugh Street at Clover Avenue
- Wyandotte Street at Ouellette Avenue
- Ouellette Avenue at Giles Boulevard
- Seminole Street at Central Avenue

Bortolin says this is really for people's safety, not to spy on people.

"This is the next step for safety measures. I do think once some tickets start to go out and people start to get tickets in the mail, behaviour will change," he says.

Bortolin hopes this will make people slow down and not race to make it through an intersection.

"There's always opportunity for something bad to happen when you're rushing through an intersection," he says. "I think things like cameras and fines are something that eventually change behaviour. You won't see it overnight but long-term you will see people start to slow down for cameras. You'll see areas when they know cameras are there, they won't try to make that red light and blow through that yellow-red light."

If a driver is caught running a red light, a $325 ticket will be issued. The registered licence plate holder of the vehicle will receive the ticket, regardless of who is driving the vehicle.

In May of 2021, City Council approved entering into an agreement with the Ministry of Transportation to add red light cameras throughout Windsor, with each camera costing the city between $52,000 and $90,000.


With files from Rusty Thomson and Rob Hindi