Region's Top Doctor Asking Residents to Remain on High Alert

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The region's top doctor is asking Windsor-Essex residents to remain on high alert.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed says daily COVID-19 cases across the province are topping more than 4000 cases.

He says here in Windsor-Essex, daily case rates are increasing and cases at area schools are also going up.

Dr. Ahmed says residents need to do their part to contain the cases locally.

"With the stay at home order in place and shutdown, this is a great opportunity for us to turn things around and bring our case counts to a level that will allow us to reopen in a less restrictive zone for the reopening," says Dr. Ahmed.

Dr. Ahmed says Windsor-Essex has not seen the same impact of the third wave compared to other municipalities.

"This is a big thing for our community and thanks to everyone who have been working diligently to follow these measures and we have an opportunity here to not to see the same impact that was seen in December, January and February," says Dr. Ahmed.  "We lost hundreds and hundreds of lives in that time.  We have an opportunity to keep everyone safe.  We have an opportunity to come out because eventually when this stay at home order and shutdown is lifted, depending on our case rates we will open up based on the level of restrictions that where we will belong."                  

The province is reported 4,401 cases on Monday.

On Sunday, there were 4,456 cases reported in the province.