Religious Community Condemning Vandalism at W.E. Trans Office


The local religious community is speaking out after the Windsor-Essex Transgender and Allied Support office was vandalized for a third time in just a week.

Pink Shirt Day was marked this past week for anti-bullying awareness, and with that, an open letter to the community from more than 15 local religious leaders calling for a stop to the hate and respect for all people of Windsor-Essex.

Reverend Robert Lemon is the Regional Dean of Essex.

He says every resident deserves to feel safe and secure in their own community.

"We thought it was really important for us to reaffirm and recommit ourselves to a way of life as a community where people are able to live a dignified existence where they're able to feel safe and secure and where they're treated with respect."

Lemon was horrified when he saw what happened at W.E. Trans.

"It's just appalling that any human being would be subjected to that kind of treatment and all the rest. It boggles the mind and I'm deeply disappointed and very sorry for those who were on the receiving end of that."

He says it's a simple message he wants to send to the community.

"We really think it's important that we stand together, all of us, in opposition to hatred and discord so there can be peace, so everyone can live safely and really be free to live fully and abundantly."

The Windsor Police Service has deemed the damage to the W.E. Trans building a hate crime — the investigation continues.