UPDATE: Registration for Windsor's Santa Claus Parade Closes

Parade Corp Santa

The Windsor Parade Corporation took a different approach to city Santa Claus Parade to help cut down on line-ups.

Due to COVID-19, parades have shifted to a drive-thru model this year and the events that have already taken place in the county have seen major back-ups with many parade goers having to wait hours to get in.

This from the parade corporation's media relations coordinator, Maggie Durocher who says the city's version of the event will be run with several time slots and residents will have to make reservations in advance.

She says St. Clair College is hosting the event, but doesn't have a large staging area for people to wait.

"We don't have a long area where we can afford to have cars backed up because it impedes EMS, fire and police services. So we've had to do it a little bit different to ensure that we can move participants through the parade route in an expedient fashion."

Durocher says the event is still free to attend, but you must be registered to attend.

"I really want to stress, these are free, it's just done as a traffic management system. So what happens is people pick a time, they provide their license plate number and the time they want and they'll be ushered into the appropriate parking lot."

She says it's been a learning experience.

"Every one we have is a little bit different. We started out in Kingsville and that was shock and awe with the number of people that showed up. We mitigated that last week, we had a different solution prepared and then this week it changes a little bit again. We want to be respectful of the communities that host these parades."

Windsor's Santa Claus Parade goes Saturday, December 5 from 6pm to 9pm at the St. Clair College Windsor campus — residents must enter at the Cabana Rd. entrance.

Registration closed after 1,500 families signed up to attend the event in less than 24-hours.

Durocher says everyone can still watch via YourTV Windsor-Leamington on Ch. 11.

— with files from AM800's Kristylee Varley