Residents Protest COVID-19 'Control Measures' in West Windsor

am800-news-protest-covid-19-huron-church-tecumseh-road- october-31

Close to 20 residents protested what they're calling "control measures" forced upon them during the COVID-19 pandemic Saturday. 

According to Windsor police, the group chose to block one of the city's busiest intersections at Huron Church and Tecumseh Road around 12 p.m., but were moved to the sidewalk for their own safety.

Protestor Catherine Carter says the group just wants to be heard.

"We as Canadian people do not want this; we're destroying our economies," she says. "There are some that will talk about masks, some that talk about oppression and tyranny; it's all the same thing."

Carter says everyone in Canada has a voice.

"We need our government to stop and listen to the Canadian people," she says. "Not to sit in their closed door meetings and ignore the voice whether they agree or disagree with the voice we deserve to be heard."

Many protestors expressed distain for health experts, including the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, but Carter says the group's objections extend much further.

"Doug Ford is another person we protest up against as well as protest against Justin Trudeau," says Carter. "This three levels of government that all need to listen, sit down and engage the population of Canada, all sides, that's the main point."

Many protestors held signs saying, "I do not consent to the new normal, spread facts not fear and defund the media and stop fake news."

The protest comes a week after a similar event that marched on the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.