Restaurant and bar owner frustrated with new restrictions


The owner of some local restaurants and nightclubs says he's confused and devastated over the new restrictions issued by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

As reported on AM800 Friday, indoor dancing is banned at all bars, restaurants and nightclubs and those establishments also have to close by 12 a.m.

Matt Komsa, co-owner of The G.O.A.T., Bull and Barrel, and Wild Child Nightlife, says the community deserves some more answers on the logic behind these restrictions because people are frustrated.

"What they don't understand is they've essentially shutdown businesses, not restricted, shut down. Because one of night clubs we don't start getting customers until 11 o'clock so they've essentially allowed us to operate for one hour twice a week. It's devastating."

Komsa says he's spoken to quite a few other bar owners and restaurateurs and they're up in arms as well, because everyone is now having to change plans.

"I don't think the people that are making these decisions are looking at home much they're effecting people's lives and people's businesses. They're taking food directly out of my mouth and my employees' mouths, it's not fair."

Between his various establishments, Komsa employs around 250 people, and he says it's not just their livelihoods that are being impacted.

"It's the whole restaurant industry across Windsor and Essex County. I firmly believe that they owe us a better explanation or more science on why COVID only comes out after midnight."

The new restrictions are set to go into effect after Labour Day.