Rethink Your Drive contest pushes people to park their cars


People across Essex County are being encouraged to park their vehicles during the month of October.

It's part of the Rethink Your Drive Contest, which challenges everyone to use active transportation methods like walking, running and cycling to replace trips they normally take in a car.

The contest includes using the County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) network, over 400 km of trails across all seven local municipalities in Essex County and links to trail systems in Windsor and Chatham-Kent. 

Diana Radulescu, CWATS Active Transportation Coordinator for the County of Essex, says they hope this campaign encourages residents to get outdoors and get active.

Radulescu says the goal is to help people rethink how they move around.

"If they're running errands or they're commuting, to replace short distance car trips with any form of active transportation, it's achievable for many people. Active transportation is human-powered travel like walking, cycling, rollerblading or skateboarding."

Radulescu says active transportation covers every kind of human powered travel from walking and cycling to rollerblading and skateboarding.

"You know you think of these five minute car errands you have to do, just going around the corner to pickup milk or go to the drug store, a lot of that can be done by creative, human-powered ways," she said.

She says a lot of those five minute cars trips can be replaced by creative, human-powered ways.

"We encourage people to do trips that are achievable for them. Try just replacing one trip per week and see how it goes. Try a short trip and see if you can increase it if you like," Radulescu said.

TAG: As part of the contest, participants must log the distance and time of their trip using the online CWATS Rethink Your Ride Contest Entry Form

Each qualified entry will be part of a weekly random draw for exciting prizes, such as bike locks, helmets and gift cards.

The contest runs until Oct. 31.