Retirement Home Owner Overjoyed as Visitor Restrictions Ease Up


The owner of a west Windsor retirement home is overjoyed his residents will be able to see family and friends again soon.

The province announced on Thursday, that residents in long-term care and retirement homes will be able to have visitors again, but with strict conditions.

Some conditions include limiting the number of visitors, having the visits outdoors or in a designated area and there must be physical distancing.

Owner of Cardinal Place at 3140 Peter St., Mike Cardinal, said this is great news for his residents because mental health is just as important as someone's physical  health.

He says residents will be very excited to see family and friends again.

"Alleluia! It can't come fast enough. I think it is fantastic, so many scientists are looking into how this crazy virus works. Now that we know more, we can adjust safely," says Cardinal.

He says he is going to have to invest in a couple of cases of Kleenex as he predicts there are going to be some happy reunions.

Cardinal says residents have been making the best of a bad situation over the past several months.

"People have been visiting over the fence with a distance from our courtyard or balcony. One of our residents was appearing on the balcony like the pope to her whole family below, it was a beautiful thing, it was a heart touching thing," he says.

Cardinal says some residents have been using technology to stay in touch, but admits it isn't the same as face-to-face.

"Zoom has been wonderful, but it is like rolling up to somebody's driveway, staying in your car with the windows rolled up," he says

Visitors will be allowed starting June 18.

Cardinal says they are going to have to figure out how to manage the visitors and set up the space for the visits.

Cardinal Place has never been in an outbreak during the pandemic and all 62 residents at the home have remained COVID-free.