Riverside Area is Safe hears Community Meeting


Concerned residents in Windsor's Ward 6 have heard loud and clear that their area is safe.

"I want to be clear. Riverside is not a crime ridden place," says Ward 6 Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac.

That was the message from a Community Information Meeting held Thursday night at the Collavino Hall at the WFCU Centre hosted by Gignac, Windsor Police and Neighbourhood Watch.

The meeting was prompted after Councillor Gignac received concerns about a perceived jump in residential crime rate, and a Facebook Page that was encouraging vigilantism.

She says she has heard from residents who have been the victim of crimes such as vehicle break-ins.

"It's a horrible thing and I understand that, there is recently been a move toward posting things on Facebook page in the east end that has caused concern for a number of people," says Gignac.

She says was concerned by some of the things she was seeing on social media. 

"They wanted me to join a Facebook Page where contributors were indicating that they may start a vigilante group and so, you know, social media is a wonderful tool if it is used properly," says Gignac.

She says the meeting was meant to listen to resident's concern and to give them some strategies, data and phone numbers of who to call if they see something suspicious or feel uncomfortable.

Gignac says there are currently four Neighbourhood Watches in the ward and perhaps there should be more. 

"I have always thought that Neighbourhood Watch is one of the best strategies you can use to deter crime.  It is a proven fact that when Neighbourhood Watch signs are up, that crime will drop," she adds.

Gignac also emphasizes that if people become victims to crime, they should report it because police need to gather the data to make sure it is a reflection of what is going on in the area.