Riverside Vista Project Completion Delayed by Weather


The Riverside Vista Project is going to last almost a month longer than expected.

A number of weather related delays have held up the pace of the project from Lauzon Road to Riverdale Avenue.

City of Windsor Engineer Anna Godo is overseeing the project.

She says two elements have been the main concerns.

"The combination of both the rainfall we've received plus the high river levels have delayed our project into July."

Godo says they have a lot of work to do but have a deadline they're working toward.

"By the 26th of July, there's still some curb to do in addition to driveways and landscaping restoration plus base and surface courses of asphalt."

She says the next phase of the project from Ford Blvd. and St. Rose Ave. won't start for a couple of years.

"It's a longer process, we've got some property acquisition followed by advance utility relocations.  Construction in that section's probably not until 2022."

Godo says if the weather cooperates the project could wrap up sooner.

She says the high river level has led to a pool at the east end of the project site.