Rock For Dimes Raises Money For Windsorites With Disabilities


March of Dimes Canada continues to raise money for Windsorites with disabilities. 

The organization held their Rock For Dimes Fundraiser Friday night at Average Joe's Sports Bar on Lauzon Rd.  

The fundraiser featured performances from local bands to raise money for March of Dimes Canada's Assistive Devices program. 

The program helps people with disabilities purchase devices to help them become more mobile. 

March of Dimes' Associate Director of Community Relations, Dennis Ullman, says to date, the event has raised over $23,000 for disabled Windsorites.

He says Rock for Dimes is the organization's largest fundraiser. 

"Each year we serve between 65,000 and 70,000 people across Canada," says Ullman. "The whole idea behind March of Dimes Canada is to help people  live more independently."

Ullman says many Canadians face accessibility issues. 

"This is still a major issue," says Ullman. "We have actually, as an organization, put a lot more time and effort into government relations and working with people to let them know the world needs to be accessible for everyone, not just the person in a wheelchair." 



Members of the Community attend the Rock For Dimes fundraiser at Average Joe's Sports Bar on February 24, 2017. (Photo by AM800's John Hutton)

He says a lot of people have disabilities that go unnoticed. 

"It does not have to be a physical disability," says Ullman. "It could be hearing loss or a visionary incapability. So, the idea is we are just trying to make the world more accessible."

To date, Rock of Dimes Canada has raised over $1.3 million across the country.