Rough Night Out to Raise Funds to Get Young Men off the Streets


The Windsor Residence for Young Men's third annual Rough Night Out is underway.

Dozens of volunteers will camp out in space donated in an auto yard on St. Luke Road just north of Seminole Street from 5pm to 7am Friday night. Executive Director Greg Goulin says the organization supports young men 16 to 24 years of old with the goal of getting them off the streets and on their way to building a new life.

Part of the fundraiser is to give an everyday person a small taste of what it's like to be cold and hungry.

"The desperation and the depression generated cannot be duplicated, but perhaps people might understand a little bit more about how demoralizing and destructive it is for anyone to have to sleep rough," he says. "What if the next thing you had to look forward to is the warmth of the dawn or trying to find a warm place to shelter or a meal, and another night possibly just like this."

Goulin says the residence turns life around for 95 percent of the young men that use the program.

"Many of them have gone on into higher education, trades, into full employment. Some are even coming back to donate in many ways, not just with funds but with their own time and effort," he adds.

Last year's event raised just over $10,000 for The Windsor Residence for Young Men. Goulin hopes to break that mark this year.

If you can't make it out visit the groups website  for more information on how to donate.