Saints Fall 3-0 in OPSE Hearthstone Action

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The Saints move to 2-3 in the Ontario Post Secondary Esports Hearthstone League after a 3-0 loss to the Rams.

Earlier Tuesday a new card set was released which gave everyone involved just a few hours to build their decks and prepare for competition.

The Saints opted for the conservative approach of making small tweaks to existing decks they had in their arsenal.

The Rams on the other hand swung for the fences adding many new cards to their decks.
Ultimately, the risk paid off for Ryerson as they were able to defeat the Saints in 3 games.

"Clearly the strategy we have been using isn't going to cut it moving forward" said coach Ryan Brook, adding "it's back to the drawing board to build a brand new lineup for our next opponent".

The Saints Hearthstone team will take on Fanshawe College, currently 3-1 and sitting in second place in the league, next Wednesday.