Same-Day COVID Testing Now Available at WRH


Windsor Regional Hospital is now offering same-day appointments for COVID-19 testing.

Spokesperson Steve Erwin says the recent expansion of hours at the two testing sites has allowed for more time slots to become available.

"Based on what we announced last week, we were able to expand the hours at met campus, both of our assessment centres are open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.," he says. " This is going to give a lot of extra opportunities for people to get same-day appointments, so just log in in the morning and see if you can fill a slot.")

Erwin also says if you scheduled a test no longer need it, it's important to cancel.

"We still have some issues occasionally where someone will book a test or book two tests and not show up to any of them or one of them and skip out on the other," says Erwin. "The best thing to do is contact the hospital to let us know that you can't make an appointment. That's an appointment that we'd like to free up for somebody else that may need one.

When it comes to getting results, Erwin wants to be clear that Windsor Regional hospital will only call you if your test comes back positive.

"If you test positive from a COVID-19 test at Windsor Regional Hospital, the hospital will, as we've been doing for many  months now, call you the same day we get the results and confirm that you have the positive result and that's something that the health unit from there, will contact you for follow up and discuss what needs to happen next."

Results are taking an average of 2-5 days to return from the lab. Because the tests are done at outside labs, results canot be expedited or tracked.

The hospital asks that you refrain from contacting them for results until at least 72 hours after your test.

COVID-19 tests can bee booked through the Windsor Regional Hospital website.