Sandbag Station in East Windsor Closes for the Winter


The sandbag filling station in east Windsor, Ont. has closed for the winter.

Executive Director of Operations Dwayne Dawson says water levels still remain above the norm, but have receded to the point where current barriers can do the job.

He says the 30,000 sandbags have already been distributed to protect the shores of Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River and Little River.

"Even with elevated water levels from wind and wave action, the sandbags that have been put in place and remain in place should serve to act over the winter months," he says. "We'll monitor the water levels and if the water levels rise and become a threat again then we'll probably open back up again in April or so like we did this year."

He says the lowered threat level may only be temporary.

"Water levels do recede over the winter, but then due to tend to rise again as the snow melts and we get the run off in the lakes that drain from Lake Superior down through Lake St. Clair," says Dawson. "When that happens in the spring we'll monitor the levels and see whether or not they can be safely removed or if they should be maintained from that point on."

Dawson says residents should maintain current sandbag barriers as they will continue to protect their property from wave activity.

— with files from AM800's Kristylee Varley.