Sandra Pupatello Acclaimed as Liberal Candidate for Windsor-West


A familiar face in Windsor politics is taking another run at a seat on Parliament Hill in the next federal election.

Sandra Pupatello was acclaimed as the Liberal candidate for Windsor-West Friday. Pupatello served at the provincial level for 16 years and held the cabinet post of industry and trade.

Some of her accomplishments she says include a new engineering school at the University of Windsor and the construction of The Herb Gray Parkway.

Pupatello told The Afternoon News she accomplished what she wanted to at the provincial level and wants to set new goals in Ottawa. 

"I can't give up until I get this and we can show people what we can do and start dreaming for big things again," she added.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken criticism throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but Pupatello says she'll stand by the Liberal leader's record.

"While the rest of the world is actually seeing the death rate for so many of their people that don't have any vaccines, here we are in Canada actually keeping our numbers in the hundreds [of cases] when others are in the thousands," she says.

Brian Masse is the incumbent for Windsor-West and has held the position for nearly 20-years.

The New Democrat defeated Pupatello in the 2019 Federal Election.